Iceberg’s One Hour Says Tech Experts’ Service Is Hot!

Making Monroe County comfortable is the number one goal at Iceberg’s One Hour (formerly Iceberg Heating and Cooling).

Heating & Cooling Company’s Network Running Smooth Thanks To Tech ExpertsMaking Monroe County comfortable is the number one goal at Iceberg’s One Hour (formerly Iceberg Heating and Cooling).To help them in their mission, Iceberg relies heavily on their server, computers and network - and they count on Tech Experts to keep their systems running smoothly.Founded in 1998 by John “The Penguin” Poniewozik, Iceberg’s One Hour is one of Monroe County’s largest residential heating and cooling contractor.The company offers a unique, guaranteed “On Time” repair service, preventive maintenance and air quality solutions, and replacement system sales. Iceberg’s motto is “Always on time, or you don’t pay a dime!”“Tech Experts made a great first impression by saving the day when my computer nearly EXPLODED,” said Michelle Drescher, Iceberg’s operations manager. “My computer was terribly infected by many deadly viruses and it virtually needed to be cleaned from the inside out. Bob was here a good couple of hours working to save my computer and get me back up and running. Tech Experts understands time is of the essence for their customers and works efficiently to limit the downtime we might have.”Iceberg uses a specialized software program that supports service team scheduling, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and all of their book keeping and customer information.The company uses a server running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and stores many important Word and Excel documents for easy access by their office team members.The company also relies heavily in their network and Internet connection. “We need fast and reliable network and Internet access to perform research and for correspondence with our support team in Sarasota, Florida,” explained Michelle.“From our phone answering scripts to training materials and budget projections, our production is dependent on our computers,” continued Michelle. “I have peace of mind that when I need service, I will get service.”Tech Experts has also helped Iceberg reorganize their file and folder structure on the server to more efficiently store and retrieve documents.According to Michelle, there are many advantages to working with Tech Experts. “Having a network to which our entire staff is connected and thus can access any file when necessary is such a time saving, headache-reducing system,” she said.“The Tech Experts team is approachable and offers sensible solutions to not only IT problems but also organizational challenges, password protection and Internet filtering as well,” she said.Michelle concluded: “We are a more solid company now that our computers are running better and we are confident in our technology, thanks to Tech Experts. We have less downtime and less frustration which again helps us accomplish our number one goal of exceptional customer service and saving our customers time.”For more information about Iceberg’s One Hour Heating and Air, or to schedule an appointment, call (734) 242-1900, or visit them on the web at