Local Hi Tech Support Company Declares War On Viruses and Spyware

Tech Experts Announces “No Virus Wednesdays”Monroe, Michigan – Monroe-based IT services company Technology Experts Corporation (TechExperts) announced today it has declared all-out war on computer viruses, spyware infections and junk e-mail.“Spyware infections are out of control, and on the rise,” said Thomas Fox, TechExperts President. “We see dozens of computers a month that are slow, that won’t start up, or have so many pop ups that they can’t be used.”According to Webroot, a leading supplier of anti-spyware software, 89 percent of consumer PCs are infected with spyware, averaging 30 or more specific pieces of spyware software per computer.Spyware, small software programs that spy on a computer user’s activity, are dangerous to consumers for several reasons. “Pop ups promoting casino gambling or pornographic websites are still very prevalent,” continued Fox, “but what we’re seeing now are infections that don’t announce themselves. A computer user could be infected with spyware or a virus that logs every keystroke they make, for example. This then gives criminals access to any sensitive information the user might have typed on their keyboard, such as banking information, credit cards or social security numbers.”To combat the increasing threat spyware poses to computer users, Tech Experts is introducing “No Virus Wednesdays.” The company will, on a first-come, first-served basis, provide basic spyware and virus removal service at no charge to consumers each Wednesday in July, August and September.The program works like this: Users who would like their computers checked and cleaned of spyware call Tech Experts’ special “No Virus Hotline” at 734-243-1500 and set up an appointment to drop off the computer late Tuesday afternoon, or first thing Wednesday morning. The computer will be evaluated, disinfected, and available for pickup as soon as it is ready, usually late Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning .Computers will be checked for over 1000 types of spyware, thousands of different viruses, as well as Trojans and keyloggers. Any malicious software that is discovered will be removed, and a complete report provided to the client.“This is a trial program for us,” commented Fox. “This kind of professional virus and spyware removal service can take several hours of a technician’s time. By having users pre-schedule their appointments, we can plan for this work and provide the service at no charge, while still maintaining our normal workload.”Generally, four or five appointments will be available each Wednesday, but users must call to reserve a time slot.About TechExpertsFounded in 2003, TechExperts is the area’s only Gold Certified Microsoft Partner that focuses exclusively on the computer repair and networking needs of small and medium sized companies and non-profit agencies in the southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio area. The firm is located at 980 South Telegraph Road in Monroe, and can be reached at (734) 457-5000.