Monroe Area Federal Credit Union Says: “Tech Experts, You’re Our Guardian Angels!"

Monroe Area Federal Credit Union (MAFCU) has been a part of the Monroe community since 1948.

Monroe Area Federal Credit Union (MAFCU) has been a part of the Monroe community since 1948. The Credit Union was originally organized to service Kelsey Hayes employees, then the Ford Motor Company plant, and now services the entire Monroe Community. MAFCU is a non-profit, federally insured financial institution, owned by its members. Susan Bayer is the Credit Union’s very busy General Manager.“In our business, we couldn’t operate without computers and the Internet,” said Sue. “We depend on them daily. There’s so much now that we have to do over the Internet, and through e-mails, that our systems have to be up and running all the time.”The Credit Union uses ten workstation computers on a Microsoft Windows 2003 network. There are two servers that handle financial transactions and file storage for information the Credit Union employees work on day to day. “We use Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook every day,” explained Sue. “We have 10 PCs in our office, and whether it’s to type letters, send e-mails, or attend training webinars , our PCs have to be able to perform at top speed.”.Sue said that one of the key advantages MAFCU has experienced since working with Tech Experts is super fast response time. “We had a crisis come up during the holiday season,” Sue explained, “and without any hesitation, in the blink of an eye, I had a tech listening to my concerns and calming down the staff.”Sue explained: “I live by my PDA and my Outlook. On December 30, my Outlook file crashed. This was year-end for the Credit Union, and my Outlook is my personal secretary. My appointments, my contacts, and my daily work tasks along with personal appointments are stored in my Outlook. I gave Tech Experts a call, and explained the situation. They had a tech follow up with us, and sent a technician to our rescue – on New Year’s Eve Day! Tech Experts has become our ‘Guardian Angels!’”“We like that the onsite technicians aren’t afraid to share their knowledge, and that they take the time to explain what they’re doing to each PC in layman’s terms,” Sue continued. “Working with Tech Experts has given the Credit Union staff peace of mind. Our computers are one less thing we have to worry about, because we know Tech Experts will be there if we need help.”For more information about MAFCU, call (734) 243-5700, or visit them on the web at: