New High Tech Toys For Christmas

Thinking about getting new tech toys for Christmas this year? It's best to remove the pre-loaded bloatware & have it optimized before its initial use.

by Frank Wright, Service ManagerIt’s that time of year again! The weather is getting cold, kids are getting excited for Santa and you’re planning what to get everyone.If someone’s got a new computer in their future, chances are they would just be taking it right out of the box and getting down to business. So, what’s wrong with this? Well, nothing, unless you want your computer to be protected for years to come and to run better for a longer period of time.Computers purchased at big box stores come loaded with tons of bloatware that significantly slows down computers when compared to a system with a fresh installation of Windows on it.We are not saying it’s necessary to have Windows reinstalled on a new computer by any means, what we are saying is that it is in the best interest of the user to have the computer optimized before its initial use.When we look at your newly purchased computer, we clean it up and basically strip it down to its bare necessities. What this does for you is it allows your computer to run smoother and faster than it would if you just started using it right from the store.Another advantage of this is that while everyone wants the fastest computer possible, not everyone can afford it.By having your computer professionally optimized you can increase the speed/performance of your computer significantly, making it feel like a more expensive, faster machine.One of the biggest misconceptions computer manufacturers try to pass off on consumers is that their computers come with antivirus installed.Usually all that’s included is a trial version that expires after a couple of months. This leaves your computer open to infections that can cause serious security implications. If you do online banking, use your credit card online, etc. you do not want this to happen to you!We always remove the trial antivirus software on new computers and install an antivirus that does not expire for you.Also at your request, if you want a commercial (not free) antivirus we can offer that as well through our new Monroe Computer Club.Monroe Computer Club is our newest offering to computer users. For a number of years now we have been offering this service to our business clients and have had great success with it, so we wanted to make it available for home users as well.Let’s face it, if everyone could afford to have their own IT guy on hand all the time constantly watching their computer and making sure it ran great all the time they would! Now you can!We offer the Monroe Computer Club in several tiers with add-on modules such as hardware protection and offsite backup.With a membership to the Monroe Computer Club your computer gets a checkup here in our shop to make sure it is in tip top shape and virus free. Once the computer checks out, we install one of our agents on the computer.The agents run 24/7 allowing us to monitor your computers resources, hardware, services, etc. ensuring that minor problems are caught before they become major, expensive issues.Depending on the tier of plan you go with we also offer unlimited remote support at your request so you don’t even need to bring your computer into our shop to have it worked on!If you think you may be interested in the Monroe Computer Club, or just would like more information or questions answered give us a call and let us know.What about the price? Well, for the cost of a good purchased antivirus and one visit to your computer tech a year you've more than paid for this service already but experienced the inconvenience of having computer problems.Save yourself the time and headaches, give us a call today and we can discuss the plans in more detail with you! Don’t just give a good gift for Christmas, give a great one that will last for years!Happy Holidays from Tech Expert