New Virus Flame

A New virus named “Flame” has been found by Kaspersky while working for International Telecommunications Union. ITU says that this new virus/malware has already caused damage in Iran and numerous other areas in the Middle East.Flame has been caught collecting confidential data from computers and audio conversations. This malware is also suspected to be able to cause massive damage to critical infastructures worldwide. ITU is also claiming that this new virus is much larger in size that Stuxnet which is the infection that hit an Iranian nuclear plant in 2010.Iran claims that their National Computer Emergency Response Team has already engineered a defense against the malware. This may not be the case of many other nations across the globe.The upside to this virus is that its code is so complex that it is likely that others that commonly rewrite/reuse established malware by modifying it slightly to suit their needs will likely not do so with this malware.If you would like to read more click here.