Old Yahoo Email Accounts Now a Security Risk

This past week one of the world’s largest free email providers announced that it has plans to begin recycling email accounts and making old accounts that haven’t been accessed in the past year available for someone else to use.There have been numerous IT security professionals that have said that this is going to cause major problems. Yahoo however says that it has already weighed the security risks and feels they have their bases covered.The most major risk is identity theft; it seems to be possible that a Gmail user may have used the same identity on Yahoos mail system. If a hacker wanted to in this type of situation they could issue a “Forgot Password” request and potentially get the new password letting them into that users Gmail account, if the accounts were linked of course.In order to protect yourself from this you need to either log into your Yahoo account once per year (They will be starting the resets in July) or unlink other email accounts from your old Yahoo account.To read more click here.