Podiatric Practice Steps Into The Future With EMR System

Podiatric practice steps into the future with EMR System. They looked to Tech Experts to provide the advice and support needed to make a smooth transition.

Electronic Medical Records System Allows Doctors Real Time Access To Patient Data And X-RaysWhen a local podiatry office needed an upgrade to their server and network, they looked to Technology Experts to provide the advice and support they needed to make a smooth transition.Dr. Scott Hughes founded Foot and Ankle Specialists in Monroe in 1995, and opened a second office in Lambertville in 1997. The practice provides comprehensive care of all foot and ankle disorders. Their state of the art offices provide on-site x-rays, peripheral arterial disease (PAD) testing, diagnostic ultrasound and physical therapy. Lynn Johnson is the practice’s busy office manager.“Our computers are vital to our daily operations,” explained Lynn. “All of our patient records are located on an electronic medical records (EMR) system, so we’re not able to review patient records without the network being functional at all times.”The EMR system in use at Foot and Ankle Specialists lets both offices schedule patients, update information, and process billing and collection activities in real time. The office receptionists use the network and the Internet to verify insurance benefits and obtain authorization for services.“Without our system being fully functional on a daily basis,” continued Lynn, “we wouldn’t beable to service our patients as efficiently.”Tech Experts installed an IBM server running Microsoft Windows Server 2003. The system is configured for data redundancy and tape backup to protect client files. The Lambertville office connects to the Monroe office via a secure Internet connection, using Microsoft Windows Terminal Server.Doctors and professional staff use Lenovo ThinkPad tablet PCs on a secure wireless network to retrieve and update patient data in real time using the EMR system. Doctors can fax prescriptions directly to a pharmacy from their tablet computers using the system’s fax server.“During our conversion to the EMR system, Tech Experts was vital in helping with a smooth transition,” said Lynn. “The people at Tech Experts are all very personable. Whenever I have a problem they understand my urgency.”Lynn concluded: “One of the biggest benefits to working with Tech Experts is that our systems are up to date and the network runs with minimal downtime. The system is faster and more efficient than it has ever been in the past.”