Tech Experts Keeps The Network Running For Stewart Road Christian Ministries Center

Stewart Road Christian Ministries Center, originally known as the Monroe Church of God, has been in Monroe since 1940. As the church has grown, it has embraced technology as a way to expand its ministry.In 1996, the church added on to its facility at 1199 Stewart Road with a new sanctuary, nursery and offices. The church offers a weekly food closet, counseling services as well as many other ministries.Tech Experts has worked with Stewart Road CMC to enhance and maintain the Microsoft Windows network that is used to run the business operations of the church.“All of our accounting and church management records are maintained on our network,” explained Administrative Pastor Dawn Bosworth. “Our chuch service song lyrics are kept on the computer and interact with the slide projectors.”Stewart Road CMC uses a mix of Windows-based computers, as well as a Microsoft Windows 2003 server for file and data storage. A unique application at the church is an combination of hardware and software called “Phone Tree” which allows Pastor Sam Luke to record inspirational messages to the congregation and call congregants on the telephone to deliver the message or worship reminder. Phone Tree runs on the church’s server.“We minister to thousands of people weekly,” Pastor Dawn continued, “including those who enter our sanctuary on Sundays and Wednesdays, or who watch and listen on television or over the Internet.”When asked what she liked most about working with the Tech Experts service team, Pastor Dawn said response time and reliability were most important. “The staff at Tech Experts is easy to work with, and very friendly. The service technicians are reliable, and the response time is quick. When an issue is a crisis to me, the team at Tech Experts takes it seriously.”She concluded: “I could not keep my computer network up and running without your team!”