The ExpertsMobile - A 2008 Smart car

The “ExpertsMobile” is a 2008 Smart car, a division of Daimler. It is a two-seater, gasoline-powered car manufactured.

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expertsMobile- 2008 smart car- side view

The ExpertsMobile - A 2008 Smart car[/caption]What the heck is it?! Boy, do we get that question a lot!The “ExpertsMobile” is a 2008 Smart for two. It is a two seat (“for two,” get it?!) gasoline-powered car manufactured by Smart, a division of Daimler. That’s right, it is a 100% gasoline engine, not electric. We’re averaging about 40 miles per gallon driving around town.The fortwo received four out of five stars in front impact crash tests, and five out of five stars in side-impact crash tests, so it is very safe! The body panels are made out of 100% recyclable materials. And it has a lot more space for transporting sick computers than you might think!We like the Smart for a couple of reasons, but most importantly, it is smart for the environment, and smart for our company, since it saves us so much money on gasoline and maintenance. Plus, it’s fun to drive![caption id="attachment_11679" align="alignright" width="300"]

expertsMobile- 2008 smart car- front view

Front view of the ExpertsMobile 2008 Smart car[/caption]The Smart is like our philosophy in supporting small business computer networks: The latest appropriate technology, delivered in an efficient and cost effective way.If you’d like to learn more about the Tech Experts Smart car, visit: more information about Smart cars, visit