Veterinary Clinic Embraces Technology, Provides Award Winning Care To Patients

Perrysburg Animal Care, in Perrysburg, Ohio, was founded by Dr. Wayne North in 1978 with a focus on quality veterinary care throughout the life of a family’s pet. As the practice has grown over the years, Dr. North has embraced technology as a way to provide award winning care for his patients and their owners.“We use our computers and network in every aspect of our practice,” explained Polly Fitzwater, Perrysburg Animal Care’s office manager. “We are a full electronic charting facility.Each examination room has a tablet computer, and our doctors and technicians all enter patient information at the time of service.”The veterinary office relies on a Windows Server 2003 network, combined with several desktop computers for reception and billing. Tablet PC’s are integrated via a high speed wireless network, which lets staff move between patients with ease.High speed Internet access with firewall protection lets the staff and doctors conduct research and look up information quickly. Complete medical records charting is provided by a specialized line of business application, and the office uses Quickbooks for accounting and payroll.“Tech Experts provides us with efficient and expedient service,” explained Polly, “which is why we’d never be tempted to search for a new service company. The level of expertise the technicians have and their friendly, professional manner couldn’t be duplicated by another firm.”“The service technicians ‘blend in’ with our busy office,” continued Polly. “They don’t interrupt our work and get things done fast. Tech Experts keeps us humming!”For more information about Perrysburg Animal Care, call 419-874-8974, or visit