Windows 8 Developer Preview Available for Download

Are you eager to try out the newest installment of Windows? Well now you can try out a preview of Windows 8. Microsoft has released a “Developers Preview” of their new OS to help developers create new apps, and updating current applications. With over 500,000 downloads since yesterday’s release, it looks like a lot of people are interested in trying it out. Some of the new features of Windows 8 include a new start menu called “Metro” that runs on-top of the Desktop that will load up by default. Metro is where you will find all of your apps; it will handle your social media needs including Facebook and Twitter. You can also visit the Windows Store (Microsoft’s take on an app-store)and download Metro-style applications build for the new OS, including apps for productivity, photos, entertainment, and of course, games.

This is only a preliminary release and by no means is it available for use on your primary everyday machine. If you want to give Windows 8 a try, you might want to consider dual-booting the OS alongside your current Operating System because if you upgrade your current OS, there is no way to uninstall Windows 8 if you do not like it. You will have to format your hard drive and start over with a clean installation of your previous OS.

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