Hosting Solutions

Email and web hosting services are often a hassle to many business owners who want to focus on running their business. We can help.

Hosting Solutions

Hosted Exchange Email

Hosted Exchange email also offers scheduling, messaging, shared calendars and appointments, and more, making it a powerful organizational tool that’s popular with countless businesses.

For a monthly or annual fee, we’ll oversee your company’s Exchange emails – hosting, creating and deleting new email addresses as necessary, checking SPAM filters, whitelisting and blacklisting domains, and more.

Hosting Solutions

SPAM Filtering

Filtering out SPAM doesn’t just reduce the amount of pointless emails you get. With a SPAM filter, you can protect your business from emails carrying viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, and adware. That’s why we offer our Tech Experts' Anti-SPAM Protection, which will prevent those from reaching your inbox.

Sometimes, all it takes is one click before your network is riddled with viruses. By reducing the SPAM and suspicious messages you receive, you reduce the threat (and the cost) of infection.

Hosting Solutions

Domain Name & Web Hosting

When it comes to domain names, we can get you registered and give you a highly identifiable and unique website name that fits your business. Having a .com or .net URL for your business is now the standard to communicate credibility and security to readers; anything else can raise suspicions.

To compete in today’s economy, a business absolutely needs to have a web presence. That is why we have put together a business web hosting plan that gives your company an affordable and hassle-free website hosting solution.