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Jawbone Introduces Wearable Device UP 24

In the quest to make the best choices, use our time wisely and multi-task more efficiently, Jawbone brings the UP 24 band to the masses. Don’t confuse this with a Nike Fuel band or other pedometer device; this bracelet can predict what you’re going to do next. Think of it as a wearable personal trainer, able to push you to achieve your goals, while being affordable to employ every day.

The UP band uses wireless syncing via Bluetooth, which is what every fitness band to date has used, but the additions are what set it apart from the paltry competition. The companion app is more forward-thinking then previous versions, it can connect to your phone and deploy activity suggestions to you. No longer is it just for viewing what you have done, it will tell us what we should be doing instead of watching one more episode of The Walking Dead.

Another cool feature of the app are the incoming notifications when things happen. Two of these notifications are called Streaks and Milestones. You get a little motivational or encouraging message when you establish a streak of activity or good sleeping habits. It’s basically the difference between having a cheering section while you work-out versus a pat on the back from a friend after the event is long over.

The UP 24 from Jawbone offers some sleek new functions over previous fitness wearable devices, but it still has a few limitations. The biggest being the tweaking of application data and the individual end user data. However, this is the next step into personal time management and development. Expect to see more from Jawbone in the near future.