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IT Support For Accountants

As an accountant, your work goes beyond just tax returns. You have year-round clients who entrust you with their finances, payroll, and more. You need a network that works, machines that are quick, and printers that actually print when you tell them to (and without jamming!). 

For you, downtime means staying later, disrupting your schedule, postponing tasks that can’t afford to be pushed back. Missing deadlines – everyday ones, not only the annual ones – is unacceptable. You’re all about timing.

For you to be efficient, your machines and network need to be doing their best too. A managed service provider like Tech Experts can bring your office up to speed, then maintain it. 

Hit Your Marks

Stay on top of it all

Your IT company should be an essential support beam of your business, not simply a vendor, and should work with you hand-in-hand so you can be more productive. Your equipment and devices aren’t there to make your job more convenient; they’re practically co-workers.

Plus, with a managed plan, you can simplify your own payables and receivables. Instead of paying out for each service visit, your requests are included in the flat-rate you pay for support each month.

Aside from providing technical support, we can handle your tech peripherals too, like web and email hosting, data management, VoIP phone systems, and cybersecurity. We have years of experience with accounting offices in Metro Detroit who have the same needs as you.