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VoIP Phones

Lower your phone costs AND make life easier for your clients and staff.

With VoIP (Voice over IP) phone services, your business can drastically reduce telephone costs, improve customer service, streamline reporting and compliance, and make changes easily. 

The best part? You can keep your existing phone line. 

Don't worry, it functions in the ways you're used to:
VoIP Phones

Plus, some of the additional features available using VoIP phones from Tech Experts:

Secondary Phone: Your Cell

Using the phone system's app, you can receive and make calls from your cell phone as if you were at your desk.

Virtual Receptionist

An automated menu that answers the phone and plays customized messages to connect callers to pre-configured destinations. (example: "Press 2 for Sales")

Live Person Answering

Set up a telephone number to ring a specific extension or group first. This enables your company to have a live person answer the caller, not an auto attendant.

Ring Groups

Enables multiple extensions to be joined as a group. Calls may then be routed sequentially or simultaneously to that group.

Time of Day Routing

Allows calls to be routed based on time and date for holidays, closings, or departments with different hours of operation.

Personal Assistant

Your personal assistant is an advanced ring feature that will locate you at up to 5 pre-configured locations.