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Legitimate E-Mail Or Phishing Attempt?

How To Thwart An E-mail Phishing Attempt E-mail phishing attempts are on the rise thanks to advancements in virus and malware detection. These have slowed down the bad guys’ data mining and money-making attempts. As a result, they're going back to basics. Luckily, e-mail phishing has numerous tell-tale signs. Links: Don't Click 'Em Emailing phishing attempts usually…

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Yes, Your Phone Can Be Hacked

Hacking: Not Restricted To Computers You can have the best devices and security measures and still fall victim to a hacker... even on your cell phone. After all, it has an operating system just like a computer and ways to wiggle in through exploits. Got an Apple device? Don’t think that you're exempt from a phone…

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How To Spot A Phishing Email

The subject line of the e-mail referenced "your Amazon Account." The body mentioned my credit card and how it had just been "updated." A quick scan of the rest caused temporary alarm. My credit card? I didn't make any changes to my credit card or my Amazon account. Upon closer inspection, I recognized this e-mail for what it…

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