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Intel: Foreshadow Flaws

Another Week, Another Security Flaw Foreshadow, also known as L1 Terminal Fault, is another problem with speculative execution in Intel’s processors. Foreshadow may allow malicious software to break into secure areas that even the Spectre and Meltdown flaws couldn’t crack. What Is Foreshadow? Specifically, Foreshadow attacks Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX) feature. This is built into Intel chips…

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Yes, Your Phone Can Be Hacked

Hacking: Not Restricted To Computers You can have the best devices and security measures and still fall victim to a hacker... even on your cell phone. After all, it has an operating system just like a computer and ways to wiggle in through exploits. Got an Apple device? Don’t think that you're exempt from a phone…

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Does Your Security Program Need Maintenance?

The answer is "yes, your security program absolutely needs maintenance." Every organization should have an information security program, which most people recognize. However, what most don't realize is that their program needs proper upkeep or maintenance. There should never be a point where an organization is overconfident after implementing a security program because there is always room…

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