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Outdated Software Could Cost You

Outdated Software Carries More Risks Than You Might Think Specialty software can be pricey, varying from a few hundred dollars to jaw-droppingly expensive. Sometimes, that cost is a one-time purchase, and sometimes, that’s a yearly or even monthly subscription. Some businesses can afford this with ease while others struggle to pay for the programs they…

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Cyanogen Raises Needed Financing

Cyanogen is a $500 million company after latest round of funding. The start-up company, Cyanogen, creates Android-based operating systems which allow the user more control and customization of their Android device. Cyanogen is about to close a deal that will add an additional $110 million in funding to the Android company. With this funding, Cyanogen will be able…

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Should I rent….

Well, you knew it was coming. With the economy being so bad, software corporations have to find new ways to offer their products. Microsoft as always, is on the cutting edge. For the past few years, Microsoft has been conducting experiments in various countries as to how and whether “renting” software could become a…

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