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19-year-old creates incredible Skyrim expansion

The sheer size and scope of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim astounds, but a new fan-made add-on called Falskaar goes above and beyond by adding more then 20 hours of gameplay, new lads, and a slew of other compelling features that will tickle any fan of the series.

Amazingly, the free add-on was put together by a 19-year-old Alexander J. Velicky, who aspires to work as a level designer at Skyrim developer Bethesda Softworks. Over the past 20 months, Velicky spent several thousands hours building the look and lore of Falskaar, and also corralled 100 contributors who helped with voice over, original music (by Adamm Khuevrr), and gameplay testing.

“For the last 600 years Falskaar has been inhabited by the Nords, though most of its history from before then is “unknown”, says the official description. “For the first time since the party’s arrival in Falskaar almost 600 years ago, a portal activities deep within the ruins of Mzubthand, and the player steps through, arriving in Falskaar. They are denoted ‘The Traveler,’ based on an old prophecy.”

When queried about Velicky’s add-on and his aspiration to work at the company, Bathesdia did not immediately reply to a request for comment.