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Advanced Browser History Search Engine

Have you ever wanted to know what Internet activities have taken place on you computer. There are many reasons for wanting to do this including: parental control, employee auditing, or maybe even finding a page that you found but cannot find again. There are many way to this from just checking your browsing history to using a 3rd party forensics program.

I will be covering Browser Forensic Tool. This tool allows you to scan all common browser histories and archived histories on your computer. This will allow you to see exactly what browsing has been done in the past. It scans your history, searchs, cookies, and other app data to see where and what browsers have been where on the Internet.

Browser Forensic Tool is very easy to use. You just select the type of scan that you want to do by profiles like: anonymous, geek, porn, and many more. The profiles contain different keywords to search for, and you can add any keywords to any profile list. These can allow you to organize you scans. Browser Forensic Tool is available from or by clicking here.