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The Art of Video Games

ПечатьAround the corner from Monet, down the hall from Matisse, there’s a new artist on display at the Toledo Museum of Art: Shigeru Miyamoto.  Perhaps you’ve never heard of him, but ask your kids. They’ll certainly be familiar with his most famous works.  Miyamoto, a Japanese video game designer, is the creator of “Super Mario Bros.,” “Donkey Kong,” “The Legend of Zelda” and other industry groundbreakers.

His work is among those featured in a terrific new exhibit in Toledo, “The Art of Video Games.”

The Art of Video Games shows the striking visual effects, player interactivity and creative use of new technologies in games. By focusing on four game types; action, adventure, target and combat/strategy — the exhibition reveals the emergence of video games as a means of storytelling and audience engagement.

Visitors across generations will be able to connect with the content of the show, from those who remember classics such as Pac-Man and Super Mario Brothers to those playing more recent games like Flower and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Trust me, kids of all ages will love The Art of Video Games. I went with my daughter and she had great time and was able to recognize some of the older games thanks to Netflix.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)