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Chromecast Equals Free Money

ChromecastGoogle offers free Play Store credit with Chromecast purchase.

Now is the time to buy. Buy what, you ask? Buy the latest Chromecast device!

Google is offering $20 in free credit to the Play Store to anyone that purchases the newly released, revamped, redesigned and rethinked Chromecast device.   You’re almost getting a 100% return on your investment as the device is currently on sale and selling for $30 at retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy. But even at the normal retail prince of $35, it’s still a great deal for those upgrading from the old version or someone wanting to try out the service for the first time.

Don’t care for movies, consider yourself more of a music person? Well, you’re in luck. The free credit also applies the Chromecast Audio as well.

With the added bonus of the new device having Spotify support, this may truly be the best deal for under $35 this year.

Act quick, though. The free credit offer will only be available on purchases made between Dec. 13th and Jan. 2nd, 2016.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)