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Compute Stick: Turn Your TV Into A Computer

An Alternative For When You Don’t Need A Lot of Power

Intel has released the Compute Stick, which measures 4.5” and can turn your TV or other HD display into a computer. These sticks are fairly inexpensive and can be a great solution for someone in need of a computer on a budget.

With prices starting at $119.00, these sticks can get people using a computer when it may not have been affordable in the past. These inexpensive self-contained PCs run on similar atom processors to that of a Chromebook.

So is there anything higher-end that could potentially make the stick an option for users that need more power? The answer is yes! Intel has released two new sticks that run on their new Core M series.

The Compute Stick won’t be replacing computers for users that have a need for high end multi-tasking and running a ton of different apps, but it has its place in the world. There has never been a more affordable way to have a home PC. There really are many things that the stick could be used for.

One its most useful abilities is taking any display and turning it into digital signage. You can easily display a menu, specials, or just about anything else you would want to feature for your business.

Many companies use digital signage and the stick can be used to display a slideshow or even a still image. Typically, these displays controlled by a computer tucked away somewhere in the building with cabling running to it. While that works, a Compute Stick can accomplish the same for a fraction of the cost. A 50 foot HDMI cost nearly half of the Compute Stick’s base model.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)