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Device that will block annoying online ads

We use the Internet for a wide range of online activities, from checking our Facebook or Twitter feeds, writing or researching papers for school, to shopping and banking, and even playing video games with our friends all over the world. The last thing we want are ads becoming a nuisance and interrupting our productivity (I won’t say that looking at Social Media or playing games is considered productive).

There is a new device called the AdTrap that was recently on Kickstarter that raised $200,000 in a 30 day period to produce a device that intercepts online advertisements before they reach your computer and devices on your home or business network. Their parent company, Bluepoint Security, has been manufacturing the AdTraps and they have been available for order since August.

Setup is simple, you just place the AdTrap between your Internet modem and your router. Once connected it will run you through a simple setup wizard which only takes a few minutes. AdTrap is also customizable once setup. At a mere $139 this is very convenient since most home consumer routers do not have the ability to block ads.

Here are the features of the AdTrap device:

  • Automatically updates as advertisers change schemes
  • Blocks advertisements from music and video streams, mobile apps and web pages
  • Works with all browsers
  • Works with any Internet enabled device
  • Cleaner and faster loading websites
  • AdTrap Anywhere removes ads anywhere you go, over cellular networks
  • Protects your privacy, prevents tracking and profiling techniques used by advertisers
  • Zero software to install, zero configuration