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Faster WiFi Tech in 2013

Intel was working to develop a new, faster, WiFi technology and was able to do it last year. The new wireless tech was labeled 802.11ac. Previous to this new speed was 802.11n which has been out for a number of years now and provides a maximum transfer speed of 150 Mbps on a 40 MHz bandwidth, or 72.5 on 20 MHz.

802.11ac now provides a whopping 87.6 Mbps to 866.7 Mbps on 20-160 MHz bandwidths. This new speed will not only allow for much fast downloads or transfer rates on Internal networks but will also increase the distance the networks will be visible.

While this technology is new and not on all of the equipment you can buy yet Apple is trying to get this new technology into their computers in 2013 at some point. The new WiFi standard is backwards compatible so a device that can handle the new standard will be able to do the old standards as well. This is a good thing because currently its next to impossible to get your hands on a 802.11ac router.

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