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Flashlights That Spy

Snoopwall FlashlightYour flashlight app is doing more than shining a light.

According to a new threat assessment report released by Snoopwall, your flashlight app may be doing more than lighting up the night. Snoopwall’s report covers 10 of the most popular Android flashlight apps.

Among the long list of permissions these flashlight apps are able to access: the ability to modify or delete the contents of the USB storage, receive data from the Internet, modify system settings, install and uninstall shortcuts, allow full network access, take pictures and videos, and geolocate your device using GPS.

Among the list, the top two most concerning apps are “Super-Bright LED Flashlight” and “Brightest Flashlight Free.”

To help increase privacy and security, Snoopwall recommends disabling your GPS except when needed for navigation or emergency use. Disable the NFC on your phone. Disable Bluetooth except when used for hands-free features while driving.

Snoopwall says in its report: “Some of the Flashlight Apps write settings and have access to your device storage; it may be to install additional backdoors or remote access Trojans (RATs). Therefore you might need to reset your phone completely after an uninstall of your favorite Flashlight App. Some might even wish to go to FACTORY RESET or a WIPE.”

If you’re looking for a trusted flashlight app, Snoopwall has created one that is available for download.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)