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Google bought out Waze

Finally the wait is over Google is the company to buy out the popular navigation app that makes driving as fun as Pacman. Waze has finally accepted an offer from Google for 1.2 billion dollars ending the months of speculation on who will purchase Waze.

Google has agreed to keep the development of Waze in Israel where it all began. Waze started out in 2009 as a 3rd party Navigation app that littered the un-navigated roads with little Pacman-like pellets. With this they were able to use users to pinpoint navigation and create real-time traffic reports based on other Waze users.

Since Waze was created it was obvious their plan was to be bought out by a larger company. They have no long term plans and are only serious about the development to continue in Israel. Facebook offered more money than Google but they were unable to keep development in Israel so the bid went to Google who already has a development team in Israel.

It will be nice to see what Google can do with Waze, maybe we will see more map-like games come out in the future for fun and to help pinpoint any issues with the maps system. Hopefully we will be able to get real-time alerts on which roads we can take and the time-cost of any detours along the way.