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Jolicloud the Number 1 Portable Desktop!

Easy-to-use interface, synchronization between multiple Computers, ability to run on minimal hardware, yup! Sounds like the perfect Operating System to bring your old PC’s back to life.  Oh did I mention it was FREE!?  That’s right! Ladies and Gentleman, a new operating system that is completely free!!! The difference between Jolicloud and a traditional OS like Microsoft Windows, is that Jolicloud is simply a Web based OS.  Meaning everything is run through the “Cloud” (The Internet).

Previously, Jolicloud had been referred to as a “netbook only OS”. But, with version 1.1 the organization has changed their focus to emphasize “recycling computers”.  System requirements are exceedingly minimal, and the entire OS uses barely over 2GB of space on a test machine.

Jolicloud’s User-Interface is somewhat similar to the Android mobile platform, or Apple iOS with its use of “Apps”.  Instead of downloading and installing software, Jolicloud uses web-apps for its main functionality and include many popular web-apps including a Gmail app for accessing your Gmail account, Google Docs for word processing, and Google Tasks for managing to-do-lists or creating notes and currently Jolicloud supports over 1000 Web-Apps!

So why not give it a shot today! At