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MacBook Air Goes On A Diet

PrintNew MacBook Air gets its biggest makeover to date.

Apple is in the process of testing its new 12″ MacBook Air, which is expected to be half the thickness and narrower than the current 11″ model. To achieve this drastic cut in size, Apple has removed all ports from the laptop except for the audio jack and what they’re calling “the miracle port.”

The miracle port, which is utilizing the advantages of the USB Type C technology, will allow a single cable to replace all the ports on the current MacBook Air. This even includes the charging cable. What is being hailed as the best advantage of USB Type C is the fact that it’s reversible. Which means no more struggling to figure out which way is up.

The reported downside to the thin version is the keyboard will be slightly smaller and have a narrower profile. But hey, if you want the skinny, you take what you get.

A firm release date for the new MacBook Air has not been set yet as Apple usually builds and tests several different versions before deciding which model you will see on the shelves. I would look for a late 3rd quarter release.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)