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Microsoft Pushing Smartphone Space

From the sounds of it, Microsoft is planning to release a new Windows based smartphone at the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) conference in March that is held in Las Vegas.  This phone, possibly named the “Zune”, gets its name from the not so popular Ipod competitor Zune MP3 player.  The device will feature all of todays latest and greatest platform and application supports, with talks of a built in HD video recorder, and 4.3 megapixel camera.  And, for all of who were impressed with the latest operating system from Microsoft known as Windows 7, well then you should be in for a treat.  The “Zune” will most likely feature Windows 7 Mobile, according to some interviews conducted by BusinessWeek earlier this week.  This could be Microsoft’s push into the mobile phone market, as they’ve watched Apple’s success with the Iphone, and now Google with the Nexus One, but RIM still is controlling over 20% of the market with the ever so popular Blackberry aka “crackberry.”