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New Tablet To Arrive Soon

Tablets are all the rage today but if you were considering diving in to one of the currently available models you may just want to hold on to your wallet for a moment. Archos, which is a popular name when it comes to lower priced tablets is slated to be releasing their newest tablet soon. This tablet will have an unheard of 250 GB of storage space, that’s right, you read correctly, 250 GB. Not only is this tablet going to have the most storage of all tablets on the market it is going to have on of the fastest processors as well. Archos is releasing this tablet with Texas Instruments 1.5 Ghz OMAP 4 Processor which is designed to let it’s users browse the web a whopping 50% fast than current Tegra 2 Processors.

With such great specs what can one expect to pay for this tablet and when will it be available? Archos has set a starting price of $279 for the 8 inch model and $349 for the 10.1 Inch, far cheaper than most of today’s nice tablets. As far as a release date is concerned, Archos has not set one just yet but one thing is certain, this will be a very hot selling tablet.

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