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Popcorn in Your Browser

popcorninyourbrowserThey’re calling it “Netflix for Pirated Movies.”

The website is designed to function like Netflix. Enter in the name of a movie in the search box and the torrent is downloaded for you to watch in their own video player. This new site is trying to capitalize on the popularity of the site Popcorn Time, which became public late last year. In the short time period Popcorn Time was live, they grew to a level of notoriety unseen before in the world of pirated movies. The site was pulled offline and later returned after moving overseas to a “less restrictive country.”

A spokesperson for the real Popcorn Time wanted to set the record straight in a email to “This website has nothing to do with Popcorn Time except for its name, though we’re totally supportive of their work and think it’s a cool initiative.” They continue with, “Also the technologies they use on ‘Popcorn in your Browser’ are nothing like Popcorn Time technologies and don’t allow any of the versatile and advanced features Popcorn Time enables its user. We’re also not sure if this website can support a high velocity of users using the service simultaneously.”

Remember: viewing movies on is considered illegal activity by ISP providers in the United States of America. You have been warned.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)