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Rockstar is under fire with GTA V online

Rockstar the popular software manufacture that is known for producing mature rated video games has come under fire with the release of their latest game GTA V. They decided to offer a free online multi-player but did not anticipate the volume of people that would actually be interested in playing this game online.

Rockstar is working around the clock to purchase as many servers as they possible can. Many game developers have come very far in how their game is used over a network. Rockstar on the other hand has not proven itself on these grounds. They will be put to the trial of the century when their online content goes live.

They are likely to have over 2 million people online at one time. This is more than any other game in history. The popular MMORPG World of Warcraft (WOW) is the only game that has come close to competing. WOW has had more players over a period of time but never pulled in as many people at once as GTA V has.

Having issues with games online experience is common is today’s resource intensive games. Earlier this year EA took a hit with Sim City which required players to login to a server to play the game. This could take 30 minutes just to log in, then once you are playing, the game was very laggy and sluggish. EA ended up giving away a free title to people who purchased the game as an apology.