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Search Like A Pro…

So as we all know that the Internet is big… Really, really big!

The vast amounts of information and data available to users can become absolutely overwhelming.  If you are utilizing search engines the right way, your results can become highly valuable instead of just a bunch of un-useful information.  The key to using search engines lies in the search criteria, and how you are searching for your wanted data.  Boolean operators are a key feature when doing a search.  Boolean operators are typically used to construct searches in a database, and the three most commonly used operators are AND, OR and NOT.  Try using one of these in your next search, for example: If you are wanting to search for salamanders, and not newts, enter the following into your search – “salamanders and NOT newts.”

This will eliminate your search results from having content on newts, and focus more on your intended search which was salamanders.  This technique is definitely a best practice. With the right search queries, you will become an expert searcher and find more valuable data and information as you use Boolean operators more and more.  Note, this can be used with any searches, so give it a shot on your next search adventure on the vast Internet!