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Talking Angela Hoax Rises Again

c311748_mPopular children’s mobile application Talking Tom has a new friend named Angela, but she’s not as innocent. This app has been determined as potentially dangerous for those who use it.

There have been numerous rumors arising that she is not only speaking to children inappropriately, but also stealing your personal information. Reports are saying that she filches information such as: the device that you’re using, your IP address, and your location. Though it may be a new story to some, this isn’t the first time that this interactive feline has been accused of pedophilia. This time last year, the same accusations were being made about Angela, but they were promptly debunked. Now, chain posts on Facebook are reanimating the corpse that is the myth of the evil Angela.

Angela determined as potentially dangerous for those who use it.

One overlooked setting the parents of the affected children missed was the child mode. Once in child mode, the application will only repeat what the children say, rather than converse back with the child. Just like many other applications, there can be segments that aren’t child-friendly and because of that parents should check new applications before allowing their children to use them.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)