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The Issue With Virtual Trade Shows

Presenters at trade shows show off new products and goods.Trade Shows Paused By COVID-19

Trade shows this year looked a little different. Many new norms have been started in the last year, and many of those relate to events being held remotely.

One of those events that happened in mid-January is the Consumers Electronics Show (CES). You may think that this makes sense or may be surprised that it has not been held virtually all along.

While I would not consider myself a frequent patron of trade shows, I have been to more than a couple. Most of them would not have been nearly as beneficial had they taken place in a virtual setting.

 Missing Out On Playing With The Goods 

Demonstrations on software and some devices are fine being done remotely, but there are some devices which just cannot be properly shown virtually.

For example, at one show, I was able to see an 8K television and camera. The quality was so good that it almost made real life seem dull. The camera could pick up details my eyes could not see. The TV amplified the size of the image so that it was larger and clearer than what was physically in front of me. There is no way that would have been impressive had I looked at an image of an 80-inch 8K television on my 24-inch 1K monitor.

I, for one, am more than happy to watch most keynotes from the comfort of my desk rather than crammed in with hundreds of other people. However, the real attraction of these events is the stuff. Especially the stuff that is only an idea or something completely different. There’s something special about being touching and interacting with a product that is not available or too expensive.

Even keynotes are better in person, I admit. When we are left to our own, distractibility soars through the roof. At home, it is too easy to step away for a moment, or take that phone call, or any of a hundred other things. It’s just not the same as being there and hopping from booth to booth. 

I know that for the time being this is our norm because it needs to be. I don’t believe most of us want to be in a crowded area with a thousand or more strangers today. My hope is that, soon, we’ll be able to return to in-person events and enjoy the awe of seeing something bigger and better for the first time.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)