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Try A New DNS For Faster And More Secure Internet

dnsFor Those Who Are More Tech-Savvy: Embrace Public DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) is the Internet’s way of translating our English worded web addresses into the Internet’s language of numbered IP Addresses. For example, typing in into your web browser will take you to just like typing the actual web address would. To the Internet, is exactly the same as Go ahead, try it out!

So why does this matter for a faster and more secure Internet? Well, if your default DNS is slow, then switching to a public DNS (like Level 3 or Google) may give you a speed boost to any and all websites you go to. Some public DNS like OpenDNS offer more secure web browsing.

Personally, Level 3 is faster and more consistent than my default DNS given to me by my ISP (Internet Service Provider). Web pages like Facebook and MSN load up much more quickly now, giving me more of my actual Internet speed (compared to having my Internet speed held back).

I would recommend Level 3 for both speed and consistency of service. Google has the potential to be fast, but it is not always consistent and can cause Internet access issues once in a rare occasion. Whatever DNS is being used, it is recommended to have your backup DNS be of a different company so that if one company is having issues, your router or computer can hop over to another working one without much problem.

While it’s recommended that “only users who are proficient with configuring operating system settings make these changes,” you can visit this page from Google Developers to learn more on how to change your DNS and what work goes into it.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)