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Webcam Streaming 101

A good friend of mine asked me about streaming his web cam live over the Internet, but was having some problems doing so.  He was using it from home, on a small home network consisting of three additional users, and a Linksys wireless router.  Simple.  First we assigned the webcam a static IP address (  We then logged into the router, and proceeded to the configuration pages in the browser.  All routers are a little different in the setups for the configurations, but many are very similar in setup.  We then clicked the Advanced Link at the top and then clicked on the DMZ Host Tab.  We then entered the IP address of the webcam ( and clicked Apply.  Doing so we skip over the routers (NAT) network address translation, which is a security feature that can protect your computer from hackers, but can cause problems when streaming media to the Internet.  Voilà!