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What is “Ethernet”?

What is “Ethernet”?


Do you know what “ethernet” means? It sounds like Internet for a reason.

Instead of a wide area network (WAN) which allows you to connect with others around the world, ethernets are meant to ensure safe and swift communication between devices in close proximity to each other.

So why do an estimated 354M people, in 51 countries around the world, use Ethernet?

What Is Ethernet?

While it’s very convenient (and fun!) to hook all of your smart devices up to your home network or buy cool new virtual assistants for your office, connecting smart devices to the local network puts everyone at risk…if you do it with WiFi. Why? The Internet of Things comprises smart software like your bluetooth doorbell and smart TV, which tend to be more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Once threat actors successfully infiltrate these devices, it’s much easier to break into more secure systems on the same network.

Ethernet cables provide a secure and reliable means of data transmission. They allow computers to connect to each other and to the Internet via a local area network (LAN), which connects devices located physically close together.

Ethernet isn’t just considered less expensive and easier to install…These cables are also less susceptible to interference and eavesdropping than wireless networks, making them a more secure option for sensitive data…especially if you’re communicating via less-secure networks and devices. Meanwhile, they make collaboration more efficient too.

What Makes It Safer than the Internet?

Ethernet cables transmit data using encryption protocols, such as AES, which can protect data from being intercepted and read. They also happen to be less susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI) than wireless networks, which can help to improve data transmission reliability.

Additionally, Ethernet cables can be used to create a physically isolated network—meaning that it’s entirely inaccessible from the outside. Someone would have to physically break in and plug into the network, if they wanted unauthorized access. You can also use them to isolate different segments of a network, thereby helping to prevent the spread of malware and other security threats.

Added bonus: It also makes your devices run faster since they’re hooked into the network directly!


Consider ethernet cables when you can! They can be a useful and essential component of a secure computer network. They provide a reliable and secure means of data transmission that can help to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. Millions of people around the world prefer Ethernet connections!

These wires connect directly to your smart devices, so the signal is not publicly broadcast or accessible from the outside. That makes these smart devices much more secure from hackers.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to how you approach the internet. Ethernet is one option available to keep your systems secure.