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What is VOIP, and is it right for your business!?

VOIP is the transmission of voice traffic over IP-based networks.  Basically VOIP technologies allow us to make phone calls through the internet, rather than through your phone lines.  VoIP calls can be made either “PC to Phone” or “PC to PC”, and “Phone to “Phone.”  With so many new software applications to run VoIP on, there is a huge range of users’ who are taking advantage of the service.  Anywhere from telecommuters, mobile workforce, home office, small business, and even personal people for their own fun and pleasure.  One of the most popular pieces of software to use with VoIP is Skype, you can sign up for free, and check out what VoIP has to offer, just visit  The costs for VoIP can actually even be cheaper than your standard phone bill your paying for now, it all depends on what service you have as well as some other options.  The elimination / reduction of MAC ( move, add, & changes) is probably one of the single most powerful advantages of using VoIP.  So if you find yourself second guessing your phone companies, the cost, the service, etc … take a look into the world of VoIP and its benefits, you may be one of the thousands to lose the phone company and jump on the bandwagon.

Here we have an example of VoIP implemented into a network.