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Windows 8 Backed By Intel

With Windows 8 coming soon hardware vendors are gearing up to complete with the latest and greatest hardware to run it on. Just this week Intel announced that it is going to be selling a tablet based device that will allow users to do pretty much anything they can do on their computers.

The new table that was announced is expected to have a quad core processor which is just as fast if not faster than today’s laptops and desktops. These tablets will also offer beefed up graphic processing units (GPUS). These new GPUS are expected to be able to run applications up to seven times as fast as they can currently on tablet devices.

One of the other big upgrades to this device, the ability to add RAM to it like a PC. The new tablets will support up to 8 GB of RAM which will allow users to multitask better on the devices without having them slow down due to multiple applications being opened in the background.

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