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Windows 8 Gets New Features

The title says it all…well…not really. While Windows 8 is getting some new features many are saying the “refresh” and “reset” features are new to Windows 8. While the names are new the basic concept is not.

In Windows 8 they will offer a feature called “refresh” which will bring your computer back to a like new state without having to be reactivated. While calling this feature “refresh” and making it more available to end users, it is not entirely new. The refresh option does essentially what a restore point of your computer would do if you were to create one when you got your computer completely setup. The one feature that has changed however is the fact that with this “new” feature you can use this functionality at any time and it will keep everything on your computer; programs, files, etc. all intact.

The reset feature in Windows 8 is going to be the same thing as a fresh installation of Windows. It will clear everything out and you will have to re-enter your product key and activate Windows once again when this is complete.

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