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Windows 8 Hardware Issues to be Resolved

Microsoft’s had a lot of issues with its new operating system from compatibility issues with various software and hardware not working as designed when it interacts with Windows 8. Due to all of the issues Microsoft is releasing Windows 8.1 which is being designed to clean up some of the major issues users have had.

One of the major issues Microsoft has had is issues with trackpad integration. Synaptics, the driver maker for a larger majority of trackpads has had issues with the functionality of the drivers with the hardware within Windows 8. Windows 8 has many gestures and other motions that the OS is supposed to recognize that do not work properly in Windows 8.

Microsoft is going to come out with an updated OS to resolve the issues with drivers and hardware. Windows 8.1 is going to be tested throughout this year and is expected to be shipping on PC’s in 2014. While Microsoft says existing Windows 8 users will not have to upgrade to new devices, they will need to get updated drivers from Synaptic to correct many of these issues.

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