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Developers of Photobucket Hack App Arrested

Photobucket Hackers Indicted for Computer Fraud and Access Device Fraud Brandon Bourret and Athanasios Andrianakis, the developers of the app that allowed the harvesting of personal data from, have been arrested in the United States on charges of computer fraud and access device fraud. Using an obscene pun on the name Photobucket, their cleverly-named app…

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FBI Seizes Multiple Black Market Sites

A joint law enforcement operation has managed to seize hundreds of Dark Web domains that have been associated with over a dozen black market websites. On top of taking and shutting domains, various products such as computers, drugs, weapons, and gold were seized. The operation was revealed on Thursday, which involved the Federal Bureau of Investigations,…

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Citadel Botnet is no More

The FBI has joined forces with Microsoft and together they have taken down The Citadel Botnet. They announced that they have disrupted more than 1,000 different botnets that steal individuals financial information. The Citadel Botnet caused the result of over $500 million in losses from over 5 million people and businesses. Citadel was found in over 90 countries including…

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