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Citadel Botnet is no More

The FBI has joined forces with Microsoft and together they have taken down The Citadel Botnet. They announced that they have disrupted more than 1,000 different botnets that steal individuals financial information.

The Citadel Botnet caused the result of over $500 million in losses from over 5 million people and businesses. Citadel was found in over 90 countries including U.S., Europe, China, India, and Australia. Citadel works by injecting a keylogger on to a victims computer and tracks everything they input. This can often be usernames and passwords to any online account.

Microsoft and the FBI have been working on removing Citadel since early 2012 and has just filed suit against those who were operating the botnet.

North Carolina court has stopped communications of 1,462 botnets which were infecting millions of computers. Data-hosting centers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have had evidence seized including servers.

This is a big step in fighting cybercrime and it is a precedent to how to fight back against many types of cybercrime. This is always evolving as technology grows.