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Microsoft 365 Life: Coming in Spring 2020

Microsoft Office is something most computer users are familiar with. In a business setting, many people have heard of Office 365, the subscription-based version of Microsoft’s Office Suite. While there is a subscription version of Office 365 for home users already, Microsoft is rebranding and improving on its current offering. Microsoft 365 Life, rumored to launch…

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Samsung and Microsoft BFFs?

Samsung to start adding Microsoft services to their phones and tablets. Samsung has announced that it will be pre-installing Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Skype on some of its Android based tablets. Samsung has yet to announce which models will be pre-installed, but these models will also include OneNote and OneDrive as well. Microsoft products and…

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Office 2013 In The Works

With Office 2010 being out for a few years now and Microsoft’s new more tablet friendly OS just around the corner it’s no surprise that they are getting ready to release a new Office product to go along with the new systems. Microsoft is in the process of designing and preparing for release their new office…

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