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Office 2013 In The Works

With Office 2010 being out for a few years now and Microsoft’s new more tablet friendly OS just around the corner it’s no surprise that they are getting ready to release a new Office product to go along with the new systems.

Microsoft is in the process of designing and preparing for release their new office product. This new version of office is going to be designed to complement their upcoming operating system that is heavily designed for use on tablet style computers.

Will Office 2013 there will be several different versions just like there is now but the new versions are expected to offer some of the features offered in the subscription based Office 365 service without the subscription. Another plus is that Microsoft says Office 2013 will be able to be installed on up to 5 PC’s and then easily deactivated to be put on a new PC (Less hassle when switching your copy of Office from one computer to another).

At this point, unlike some of the previous versions, Office appears to be a PC only offering. While it is likely Microsoft will add support for Macs to their software offering to get a piece of that market, they haven’t said they are doing so yet. One other item to note, Microsoft has push Windows XP off of the support OS’s for Office 2013. So, those of you still hanging on, it’s time to get out and hop on the Windows 7 bandwagon.

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