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Don’t Dumb Down Your Smart Home

Making Your Home "Smarter" Like many people over the past year-and-a-half, we have been working on home improvements since the early weeks of quarantine. During most of our planning and research, I have been looking into additional Smart home items. In our home, we have a thermostat that can be changed and programmed extensively through…

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NSA Spying on Unsuspecting Networks

No one except the NSA knows which 50,000 networks it injected data-thieving malware into, so what's a cautious enterprise network manager to do? It's business as usual. However, what's "usual" these days is vigilance - continuous monitoring and analysis to uncover unusual patterns and proactively respond. "It is important to adopt protective processes that continuously couple…

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Cyber Attacks in America

In the past months especially attack attempts on corporations and home users alike have been on the rise. With large corporations like Sony, Google, and even RSA, a company whose business is network security, how are you supposed to defend your company and its intellectual data? Well according to many articles out that talk about…

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