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Cyber Attacks in America

In the past months especially attack attempts on corporations and home users alike have been on the rise. With large corporations like Sony, Google, and even RSA, a company whose business is network security, how are you supposed to defend your company and its intellectual data? Well according to many articles out that talk about these attacks and our government’s response, it’s not them.

According to most sources the U.S. Government is doing little in the way of thwarting the attacks on its citizens networks and it does not really have much of a plan in place to stop the attacks. Now I don’t know that I can believe that our government is sitting back and watching this take place and not making any attempt at stopping it, but one thing is for sure, making sure proper security measures are in place is a must…

If you or your company has important data that is not properly secured your just asking to be compromised. Even though China is among one of the largest perpetrators right now as far as where the Cybercrime is coming from, there are many other countries where hackers are making the same attempts. If you feel safe and you do not have good security measures in place for both your network and the way that you store data, you may not feel the same way once you get hacked…yes it does happen and I would hate to have to say “I told you so.”

If you’re not sure if your network and data are secure schedule a time with us and we can come out and take a look at your network systems setup and let you know some of its weak points to help you better protect your data.

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