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The Mile High Club

Airline giant Delta’s mainline fleet, which includes more than 430 aircrafts, are now equipped and offer passengers a Wi-Fi service while well up above 10,000 feet. More than 100 million users have connected here in the digital mile high club thanks to Aircell, the company who launched “Gogo”, which is the in-flight…

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Wi-Fi Enabled TVs Set To Boom!

With Wi-Fi enabled devices booming, it is no surprise that televisions are going to be one of the next big bang on the market.  According to a market analysis, there will be over 60 million on the market by 2014.  So what is a Wi-Fi enabled television anyway?  With this capability, viewers are able to stream YouTube videos in high…

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Free Wifi Spots

Looking for a local free internet spot to use. Everyone knows you can easily find a WIFI spot in the mall or at McDonald's but who wants to pay for them. Yeah some local area spots like coffee shops make them free but not every town has a coffee. Software called WEFI makes it possible…

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